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We were first inspired by our 2016 road trip across the USA WHERE WE EXPERIENCED the American vegan food scene explosion

We travelled from coast to coast and fell in love with new vegan ingredients we'd never seen in the uk before

We WANTED to bring the best of those experiences back and share them with PEOPLE.

We booked a stand at a food festival, worked through the night to prepare our dishes and sold out of everything within THE FIRST three hours!

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Herbivorous Our Story Trailer.jpg

We barely covered our expenses but we were BUZZING. We knew THAT we wanted to continue this exciting new adventure

Straight after THAT we bought an old horse box, gave it a lick of paint and weNT off touring music festivals and vegan events up and down the country


WE developED our unique style of food as we went and learnED on the job

We served vegan kebabs and loaded fris during the day and danced through the night!

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Now we’ve put down roots in Manchester and have three locations across the north east

We make everything from scratch specialising in meat alternatives and sauces

WE believe in creating delicious vegan comfort food that’s better for you and better for the planet

and We look forward to meeting you!

Robyn and Damian x

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